The Essence of Fantasy Thread: From Its Texture to Its Colors

When we take an overview of the textile industry, Fancy yarn cutting appears to be relatively small in scale compared to yarn production, weaving and dye-finishing processes.

As the technology used in the fancy yarn trade is still not standardized, confusion arises not only in the definition of the different types of fancy yarns, but also in the term fancy yarn.

According to a definition, it is defined as yarns that show characteristic features such as shape, color, brightness, raw material quality and provide a certain fabric aesthetics with minimal fabric finishing process.

According to another definition, it is characterized as deviations in the internal structure, fiber composition and color of normal plain yarn.

But actually the most appropriate definition is as follows:

Fancy yarn is a yarn that disperses randomly and periodically, and incorporates all kinds of irregular forms. These irregularities are created by changing yarn thickness, material type and similar properties or by a combination of these.